No Spending Challenge and What I Would Shop if I Could


Hey babes!

After spending way too much on clothes, accessories and beauty products in January and the first past of February, I decided to challenge myself to not spend any money on those things until mid-April. Say WHAAAAAT???

This year, I started to pay more attention on my spending and began to track every penny I spend on fashion and beauty in an excel sheet. I always budget for expenses like rent, utilities, food and fun but never kept a real penny-by-penny track of my other spending habits.

Do you think I will be able to do it? To be honest, I’m afraid to fail so I decided to share this decision with you so it becomes more real and I can’t back out. Who wants to do it with me? I’m pretty sure your credit card and wallet will thank you.

Being a fashion blogger puts yourself in the pressure of buying new things so you’re always on top of the game but I disagree with this and think you can still play with what you already have. Of course, I have set a reward for myself if I’m able to complete the challenge successfully so at least I have something to look forward because I JUST LOVE TO BUY NEW CLOTHES.

There’s a few pieces that I’m drooling about and want to shop so bad! I listed them here and pretend like I’m buying them.

I think this is the perfect pair of sandals for spring. Yellow is the “it” color of the moment and the block heel gives you a little height while still being able to walk in them. It’s sold out on my size but I would at least buy the ones in pink.

I also love this ones: Forever 21 Faux Suede Slide Sandals

Saddle bags are big right now. The classic shape is practical, sleek and simple yet visually engaging. It works for running errands as well as a night out. The cream color of this one would be great to wear everyday and match with most outfits.

I also like this one: Topshop Charlie Saddle Bag

Been obsessed with tied blouses lately. I love how they accentuate the waist and make your body look good. Perfect for work or the weekend, I only buy things I can wear multiple times to get the cost per wear.

I also like these blouses: Vero Moda Wrap Floral Top, H&M Wrapover Blouse and Who What Wear Front Tie Pullover Blouse.

Every time I go to Nasty Gal’s website I want to buy everything, especially their jeans. Their selection is very “on trend” and the prices are awesome.

This ones are my favorites: Nasty Gal Two Tone Jeans, Don’t Really Flare Washed Jeans, Hem Fatale Flare Jeans and Just Letting My Hem Down Flare Jeans.

The suiting trend is huge, and animal prints were all over New York Fashion Week so this combo is waiting in my shopping bag as well as this striped tie waist blazer and high waisted pants.

I’m still not part of the waist bag club, and feel like I’m getting behind. As well as the tie waist blouses, this trend accentuates your waist (duh!).

I also like this one: Forever 21 Faux Leather Fanny Pack

⬇️ Share your thought in the comment section below ⬇️

Do you think I’m going to be able to complete the challenge successfully? Do you think you would be able to do it? Do you want to do it with me? Which piece is your favorite? Should I make an exception and buy just one piece, pretty please? Kidding, don’t tempt me!



Hola babes!!!

Después de gastar mucho en ropa, zapatos y accesorios en enero y febrero decidí retarme a mi misma a no gastar ni un centavo hasta finales de abril. QUE QUEEEEÉ????

Este año empecé a poner mas atención en mis gastos, poniendo cada centavo que gasto en un excel y así saber exactamente a donde se va mi dinero. Siempre he tenido un presupuesto de las cosas esenciales como la renta, luz, agua, comida, etcetera pero nunca de lo que me gastaba en ropa y esas cosas.

Creen que lo pueda lograr? La verdad es que si me da miedo fracasar por eso decidí compartir con ustedes mi reto para no echarme para atrás y sea mas real. Alguien lo quiere hacer conmigo? Es mas fácil si lo hacemos juntas!!! Y estoy segura que tu tarjeta de crédito te lo agradecerá.

Ser blogger te pone en una situación que te presiona a comprar ropa nueva todo el tiempo para seguir a la moda pero no concuerdo con ello, como quiera puedes jugar con las prendas que ya tienes. Ah y claro que me voy a dar un premio si lo cumplo para tener algo que me anime porque simplemente AMO COMPRAR ROPA!

Hay varias piezas que me estoy muriendo por tener, aquí se las comparto, por si alguna de ustedes sí puede comprar!

Forever 21 Faux Suede Block Heel Sandals o Forever 21 Faux Suede Slide Sandals

Las sandalias perfectas para la primavera. El color amarillo es un must para esta temporada; aparte el taconsito te da un poco de altura y como quiera es cómodo.


Forever 21 Structured Crossbody Saddle Bag o Topshop Charlie Saddle Bag

Este tipo de bolsas están muy de moda y te las puedes poner con todo.


Who What Wear Tie Waist BlouseVero Moda Wrap Floral Top, H&M Wrapover Blouse y Who What Wear Front Tie Pullover Blouse.

Y cómo no amar las blusas que te acentúan la cintura?


Nasty Gal Two Tone Jeans, Don’t Really Flare Washed Jeans, Hem Fatale Flare Jeans y Just Letting My Hem Down Flare Jeans.

Quiero comprar TODOS los jeans de Nasty Gal pero aquí están los que mas me gustaron.


Nasty Gal Wild Streak Zebra Blazer & skirt y striped tie waist blazer & high waisted pants.

Los trajesitos están super de moda ahorita al igual que los estampados de animales.


The Style Union Black Quilted Waist Bag o Forever 21 Faux Leather Fanny Pack.

El regreso de las cangureras!


⬇️ Compartan conmigo que opinan en los comentarios de abajo ⬇️

Creen que puedo hacerlo? Ustedes podrían hacerlo? Lo quieres hacer conmigo? Cual es su pieza favorita? Debería de hacer una excepción y comprar solo una pieza? Estoy jugando jaja!!



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20 Discussion to this post

  1. That is a really good challenge and good luck in not spending. I love the purse and the jeans with the ruffles. Too cute.

  2. Elizabeth O says:

    Loving that waist bag, bring a whole new vibe to a bumbag! Great challenge, good luck with no spending!

  3. April is very far away lol. I feel your pain but you can do it. I love shopping too. Maybe I should take up this challenge too.

  4. Indu says:

    In fact I am not much in frequent shopping. But I relish all trendy dresses and accessories. Like items displayed in your post. Love that bag.

  5. The zebra blazer and the skirt are so chic..would look really good for my next casual work party…I also have a similar waist bag!

  6. Joanna says:

    I hope you will be able to accomplish your challenge. I am trying to do a similar one, after spending way too much money in January and February… I mean, do I really need a £40 monthly gin subscription? :))

  7. Nati says:

    Es una excelente idea!! Si yo he hecho “spending ban” varias veces en mi vida. A mí me ayudaba no pensar en eso, y no visitar sitios ni boutiques para no tentarme.

  8. Good luck with the challenge. You can do it. I have no shopping since Dec. 17th. Let’s see how long I can go 🙂


  9. Leslie Rossi says:

    What a great idea. I have been doing this too, but not on purpose haha. Quit my job and started freelancing, so gotta save my money.

    • Krizia Velez Krizia Velez says:

      That’s right. It’s not like I have all this money to spend, it’s just lack of self control that’s why I really really needed this haha

  10. Tiffany Yong says:

    This activity of “no spending challenge and what I would shop if I could” is something I do very often! Because being a freelance means I have to be very careful with my spendings!

  11. Flipthetruck says:

    They are still a little skimpier than I”d like. But I do love the high waisted two piece. I felt sort of weird going in there to try it on, bc I”m not 17 lol but that helped me decide I wanted that one! I would pop in there or just try on and return via mail if it doesn”t work out. xo

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