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Hey there babes!

It’s been a while since I write a blog post, but this is the year of connections and productivity. I want to get to know you better and for you to get a better idea of who I am. How would I achieve that? I’m going to try to post more often, be genuine and share my thoughts with you. In exchange, I would love for you to send me messages, comment with your own stories or whatever; I would love to hear from you!

I’ve been trying to be more real on Instagram, sometimes it’s hard to put your life out in the open but what I want from this is to hopefully create friendships and that somehow you feel related, and we learn from each other.

Of course, fashion is still going to be the main topic of this blog. I would love for you to comment here or send me a private message on Instagram with any fashion related questions or anything really. Remember, I want to get to know you and know that I’m not just talking to wall!

So let’s now talk about fashion with a travel twist. I just came back from Oaxaca for my sister’s wedding! I had so much fun and it was amazing to see the complete extended family and my friends. Of course, my favorite part was to see my sister so happy.

My boyfriend Abdo and I arrived to Oaxaca last Thursday. It was a long way to get there but I was glad I was wearing super comfy clothes to make the trip bearable. I wore Pull&Bear jeans that I bought on my trip to Mexico City on December, a white tank top from H&M, a Derek Lam 10 Crosby jacket (sold out), and Forever 21 sock boots.

Remember to wear relaxed clothes while traveling, you have enough going on with the cramped seats to be uncomfortable. Jeans or leggings are the best for traveling as well as sneakers; but if you want to look a little more put together you can opt for low heel booties like I did (only if you know you can handle them). I always recommend wearing closed shoes and bringing a jacket because airplanes tend to be super cold. You know what I mean!

We arrived to the Hotel Quinta Real at 7:00pm and rushed to Pitiona, a restaurant were my family was already waiting for us to have dinner and some drinks. The amazing thing about staying in downtown Oaxaca is that everything is close by, you have many options of where to go so we were at the restaurant in about 5 minute walk.

On Friday, I woke up early to meet my friends so we could go touring. I wore red mom jeans from H&M, a striped t-shirt from H&M as well and Nike sneakers. I had been dying to purchase this jeans since a long time ago but I really didn’t want to spend $30 bucks on them (you know I like cheap stuff mostly). Then, they went on sale for $12.99 but I didn’t want to pay for the shipping so I hesitated a lot on getting them. I ended up not getting them, but days passed and my sister asked me to go to the mall to act as her personal stylist/shopper and buy her clothes and shoes for her honeymoon. I decided to stop by H&M that just opened up at my local mall (La Plaza Mall) and to my surprise they had them in my size and for $7!!!!!! I couldn’t be more excited, I had to have them.

The first stop was Monte Albán, a large pre-Columbian archaeological site in Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán. Amazing place, a must visit in Oaxaca. The second stop was at El Tule, where a special tree by that name is located. What makes this tree special is that it has the stoutest trunk of any tree in the world. IN THE WORLD. Then, we headed to Hierve El Agua, a set of natural rock formations that resemble cascades of water. I recommend you read more about them, just a way to confirm how great nature is.

We decided to head back to the town, we were exhausted and hungry. And you know what is the best thing to eat in Oaxaca? MOLE! There are many different types of mole, and I just didn’t want to choose so we went to a restaurant called Los Pacos to have a taste of each one of them at the best place in town. If I had to choose my favorite mole, it would be the mole negro.

After that, I had to get ready for my sister’s legal wedding. I wore a Slate & Willow teal dress from Rent the Runway with my favorite comfortable platform shoes from Forever 21. It was at Casa Oaxaca and I drank as much mezcal as I could, so yeah, I was so busy drinking that I forgot to take a picture with this look! Then, I went to meet my friends to have dinner (and drink even more mezcal) at Expendio Tradición.

On Saturday, I woke up and went directly to get my sister so we could go to the hotel restaurant to have breakfast with my mom. At noon, the make up artists and hair dressers arrived to help us get ready at my sister’s room. You know the typical bride, mother of the bride and sister of the bride shoot while getting ready. It was a lifetime experience I will never forget, seeing my sister in that white dress was heartwarming (like she was me, the sister connection).

I wore a beautiful red dress I rented from the local McAllen shop, Rent A Dress. If you haven’t been there, I recommend checking it out first if you have an event. So many beautiful dresses!

When we were all ready, it was time for a family photoshoot at the hotel before leaving for the church wedding. After that, we headed to the Santo Domingo church where the ceremony took place, and then to the Jardín Etnobotánico where the party was.

The party ended at six in the morning. We ate delicious Mexican food which I describe as culinary art and drank tequila and mezcal. The DJ was on point, the location was amazing and my sister looked beautiful the whole night.

On Sunday, I couldn’t wake up until 7pm so there’s not much to say about that! Just went to watch the Super Bowl, had a quick dinner, and street corn. Our plane was leaving at 6:30am so we had to wake up very early the next day.

And that was the most amazing trip I ever had.

Have you been to Oaxaca? Any traveling tips? Have you been the sister of the bride? Have you ever rented a dress? What do you think about my trip?

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(P.S. I tried to link everything I wore. If you shop, I might get a small commission).



Hola babes!

Ya ha pasado bastantito tiempo que no escribo en mi blog a falta de tiempo (y flojera para ser honesta) pero este año quiero mejorar mi productividad. Esa fue mi resolución numero 1 y le voy a echar muchas ganas para tener mejor contenido para ustedes y llegar a conocerlas mejor.

Últimamente he estado súper ocupada con nuevos proyectos pero prometo tratar de escribir un blog post por lo menos cada dos semanas, sale? Para esto necesito su ayuda y me escriban (ya sea en los comentarios abajo, mensaje directo o comentario en Instagram o por donde quieran) para saber que si lo están leyendo, si les gusta, no les gusta y que no estoy hablando sola.

Quiero conectar con ustedes entonces llegue a la conclusión que para esto yo también les tengo que compartir mas acerca de mi. No es fácil abrirse al mundo, sin saber quien esta leyendo esto pero si las quiero conocer a ustedes alguien tiene que empezar, no creen?

Bueno pues ahora hablemos de moda. La semana pasada regrese de Oaxaca de la boda de mi hermana. Me la pase increíble! Me encanta convivir con toda la familia y mis amigas. Claro, mi parte favorita fue ver a mi hermana tan feliz.

Mi novio Abdo y yo llegamos a Oaxaca el jueves pasado como a las 7:00pm. Duramos casi todo el día de viaje pero por lo menos estaba cómoda con lo que traía puesto. Me pusé unos jeans de Pull&Bear que compré en la Ciudad de Mexico en diciembre, una camiseta tank top blanca de H&M, una chamarra verde de Derek Lam 10 Crosby y unos botines negros de Forever 21.

Es súper importante que se pongan ropa cómoda cuando viajan, de por si los asientos están muy incómodos como para aparte no sentirte a gusto con tu ropa. Yo creo que lo mejor para viajar es jeans o leggings, y de zapatos unos tenis; ya si quieres verte un poco mas arreglada te puedes poner botines como yo, pero que tengan un tacón bajo porque recuerda que casi siempre las terminales están de un lado a otro y no sabemos si a la mera hora vayas a tener que estar corriendo para alcanzar al avión. También, siempre recomiendo que lleven una chamarrita porque siempre hace frío en el avión aparte de que te puede servir de almohada si quieres descansar un rato.

Llegamos al Hotel Quinta Real, dejamos las maletas y corrimos a la Pitiona, un restaurante bar donde ya estaba toda la familia y amigos esperándonos para empezar las festividades de la boda; aunque bueno… ellos empezaron la fiesta desde el medio día! Lo padre de hospedarte en el centro de Oaxaca es que tienes muchas opciones a donde ir muy cerca, así que caminamos 5 minutos y ya estábamos en el restaurante.

El viernes en la mañana me levanté temprano para ir a turistear con mis amigas. Me pusé unos “mom” jeans rojos de H&M, una camiseta de rayas tambien de H&M y unos tenis Nike. Me moría por comprarme esos jeans rojos desde hace mucho tiempo pero no quería gastar $30 dolares por ellos (ya me conocen, siempre buscando ofertas). Después, me di cuenta que los pusieron en oferta a $12.99 dólares pero no quería pagar por el envío así que no los pedí. Pasaron días y mi hermana me pidió de favor que fuera al mall local (La Plaza Mall) a que le escogiera varias cosas para su luna de miel, en eso, iba pasando por H&M que acaban de abrir aquí y sorpresa! Estaban esos jeans a $7 dólares y ahora sí los tuve que comprar, como que el destino quería que los tuviera!

La primera para fue en Monte Albán, una zona arqueológica cerca de Oaxaca. Después fuimos a El Tule, donde esta el árbol con el tronco mas grueso del mundo. DEL MUNDO. Y la última parada fue en Hieve el Agua, un maravilloso lugar con cascadas petrificadas.

Decidimos regresarnos al centro porque ya estábamos muy cansadas y con mucha hambre. Y saben cual es mejor platillo en Oaxaca? MOLE! Hay muchos tipos de mole y yo quería probar de todos así que fuimos al restaurante Los Pacos para poder probar de todo un poco. Mi favorito fue el mole negro.

Después de comer me tuve que ir rápido a arreglar para la boda civil de mi hermana. Me pusé un vestido verde-azul de Slate & Willow que renté en Rent the Runway con los zapatos mas cómodos que tengo de plataforma negros de Forever 21. Fue en Casa Oaxaca y tomé mucho mezcal, así que se me olvido tomar foto de mi look. Después fui con mis amigas a cenar (y tomar mas mezcal) a Expendio Tradición.

El sábado me desperté y luego luego fui por mi hermana para ir a desayunar con mi mamá. Al medio día llegaron los maquillistas para arreglarnos a las tres en el cuarto de la novia. Y saben, el típico photoshoot mientras nos arreglamos. Ver a mi hermana con su vestido de novia fue una experiencia que recordaré toda la vida, si tienes hermana y lo has vivido sabes exactamente a lo que me refiero.

El vestido que me puse lo renté aquí en McAllen en Rent A Dress. Si no han ido les recomiendo infinitamente que lo chequen cuando tengan un evento, hay demasiados vestidos bonitos y a precios accesibles.

Cuando estuvimos todos listos, tuvimos la sesión fotográfica de la familia en el hotel antes de irnos a la Iglesia de Santo Domingo donde fue la misa. Después, la fiesta fue en el Jardín Etnobotánico de Oaxaca y fue un momento mágico.

La fiesta termino a las seis de la mañana. La cena estuvo deliciosa y tomamos mucho tequila y mezcal, el DJ era lo máximo, el lugar increíble y mi hermana se veía preciosa.

El domingo no pude parar de la cama hasta las 7pm así que no hay mucho que contar! Solo fui a ver la ultima parte del Super Bowl, cenar con mi novio y mis hermanos y después por un elote. Nuestro avión salía a las 6:30am así que nos teníamos que despertar muy temprano el siguiente día.

Y este fue el viaje mas increíble que he tenido en toda mi vida.

Han ido a Oaxaca? Tienen tips de viaje? Han sido la “hermana de la novia”? Alguna vez han rentado un vestido? Que opinan de mi viaje?

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22 Discussion to this post

  1. Benita says:

    OMG, that red dress you wore to your sisters wedding was breathtaking and you looked so beautiful in it. your sister looked beautiful as well. I agree that when traveling you should dress as comfortable as possible and you did that. I also love your luggage and was hoping to find where you got it?

  2. Dress looks gorgeous, The views looks so nice also. Looks like it was so much fun. Your luggage looks so cool also. Very cool.

  3. kumamonjeng says:

    Monte Albán, plenty of ruin, look like a fun place for me. I love looking at ruins and would visit ruin in the country that I visited. Mexico is in my travel bucket list. I hope to explore the food, great that you have show the colorful plate of rice & sauce. I would love to try that out!! Last but not least, the dress – gorgeous!

  4. Kesha says:

    That red dress is stunning and your sister’s dress was absolutely beautiful! You two look like you should be on the cover of a wedding magazine. Oaxaca seems like a beautiful place.

  5. Elizabeth O says:

    Wow your red dress for the wedding is stunning and it looks absolutely gorgeous on you! – I am in awe of the star shaped earrings too, love them!

  6. Shubhada Bhide says:

    You are so beautiful in your different outfit. I really like your green coat, it looks so classy and chic. and that red dress looks so fabulous and I really like it.

  7. Taslyn Russell says:

    Loving the red dress and the green. Also your sister looked beautiful on her big day. Such a beautiful wedding destination.

  8. Ayana says:

    That sounds like such an amazing trip!! I LOVE the red ‘mom jeans’ and they look awesome on you! I’ve never tried Mole and I’m curious about it! I must be honest, it doesn’t look or sound appetizing to me LOL. But I like to give ‘different’ things a chance! Congrats to your sister and I’m happy you had such an amazing trip!

    • Krizia Velez Krizia Velez says:

      Haha that’s always the first reaction when foreigners see it, but trust me, you’ll love it! It just doesn’t look good. You know what I also ate that foreigners find disgusting? Crickets! It’s part of the Southern Mexico culture (I’m from the north) and I was hesitant at first but I really liked them.

  9. NAti says:

    Qué hermosa experiencia! Te ves preciosa como hermana de la novia, ese vestido es maravilloso. Yo no sé si un día tendré la dicha de ver mi hermanita casarse, porque ella no cree en el matrimonio, pero lo importante es que ella sea feliz!

  10. Tiffany Yong says:

    Love that red dress of yours that you wore to the wedding. It’s almost as good as a wedding dress! Do you have a closer feature of the earrings?

  11. Vasundhra says:

    I am glad that you had such an amazing time there. The dress that you wore at your sister’s wedding is stunning and you look beautiful. Not to mention, your sister looks gorgeous!

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