PARA ESPAÑOL ABAJO 🙂 Hi babes! I’ve been a hot mess this week because my other half has been out of town. When he’s not here I’m chaos because we have a daily routine that obviously I can’t keep by myself. In the mornings, he brings me coffee and prepares my lunch; at night, I cook and he washes the dishes. I just can’t function without my coffee! And when I arrive home after work I don’t feel like cooking at all, so I’ve been living from noodle soup all

PARA ESPAÑOL ABAJO 🙂 Hello babes! I know this week has been hard for some of you, the ones affected by hurricane Harvey. It feels weird to me that I’m completely happy and safe in south Texas when just a few miles away people just lost their homes. From my heart, I hope that everything gets better soon. Praying for you. I’ve seen fashion magazines calling the off the shoulder trend dead but I disagree. These magazines try to create trends but we the people are the ones that decide

PARA ESPAÑOL ABAJO 🙂 Hi babes! Last weekend was my sister’s engagement party in my hometown Ciudad Victoria, Mexico and it was a blast. I only spent 24 hours there but it was totally worth it. For those of you who don’t know, Ciudad Victoria is the capital of the Mexican state Tamaulipas. It is like a four-hour drive from the southern border between the U.S. and Mexico. I don’t know how this kind of events work in the US or in other parts of the world but in Mexico

PARA ESPAÑOL ABAJO 🙂 Hey there babes! In last week’s post, I mentioned I would reveal something cool about the dress I wore on my birthday. A lot of you will be amazed with this: I rented the dress for FREE! Yes, and you can do it too! I will tell you what to do so you can get one for free too. So keep reading… Last Wednesday was my birthday and had a wonderful day; I’m impressed with all the love I received from my family, friends, coworkers and

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