What’s in My Shopping Bag – Preparing for Fall


Hi babes!

This week has been crazy at work and I’m super exhausted. A lot of exciting things have happened this week though. To say the least, I can’t wait to relax over the weekend, sleep in and stay in pajamas all day watching movies and TV series with my boyfriend and cat.

I feel like lately I haven’t given my all to the blog, so this week I thought of doing something different and hope you like it! I always have my online shopping bags full of clothes, shoes and accessories; so now that I’m preparing for fall, I thought why not share what I want to buy with you. Of course, I don’t purchase everything, I just like to feel like I am and then at the end I only choose one shopping bag from one online store. So after having all my shopping bags ready, I choose the one that has the best value and the pieces I love the most. There are some pieces that I like from other stores and I could buy one from here and one from there but I don’t do it because I don’t like to pay for shipping. I mean, who likes to pay for shipping?

Another thing you need to know about me is that I only buy online. It’s rare when I purchase something from a brick and mortar store, I just feel like it’s easier to choose and find the best deals. I’m lucky enough to know when something is going to fit or not, and know my size in the stores I shop at. I usually buy from the same stores: H&M, Forever 21, Zara, and ASOS.

So this week I’m showing you what I would buy in each one of those stores if I had the money of the world and at the end I want you to comment letting me know which shopping bag I should purchase!

Forever 21

The good old Forever 21. I believe most of us have pieces of clothing from them. We love it even though most of the clothing is not of good quality, but let me tell you that there are hidden quality pieces here at affordable prices; you just need to look for them. If you don’t feel like searching and searching for the right piece, shop my picks.

One-Shoulder Wrap Shirt

Bell-Sleeve Top in Red

Floral Velvet Organza Top

Metallic Ruffle-Sleeve Top

Asymmetrical Striped Dress

Flared Velvet Pants


TOTAL: $107.40


Another people’s favorite is Zara; chic styles on a real girl’s budget. Who said you can’t look chic without spending your whole paycheck? Zara is like the fast fashion king; they have the trendy pieces first and better quality than the others.

Pinstriped Top with Lace on the Yoke

Frilled Jacket

Shirt with Embroidered Bib

Embroidered Plumetis Blouse


TOTAL: $99.96


I love ASOS because besides having their own brand of clothing, they offer many other brands like Pull & Bear, Boohoo, Mango and Bershka, just to name a few. I can actually mix and match and don’t have to purchase just one brand alone. They have great quality pieces at affordable prices, so for sure this is one of my first options to shop. Also, they have an online outlet, which is great for finding cool stuff at even better discounts.

Bershka One Shoulder Puff Sleeve Top

Brave Soul Long Sleeve Top with Asymmetric Frill

Influence Ruffle Shoulder Shirt Dress

Boohoo Tailored Culottes

Pretty Little Thing Puff Shoulder Mesh Sleeve Top

New Look Ruffle Sleeve Top


TOTAL: $114.50


This is the store that I buy the most at. Usually because they have more sales than any other, they tempt me almost every week!!! It also has classic pieces that I know I can wear over and over again.

 Ruffled Blouse

 Mesh Camisole Top

V-Neck Dress

Ribbed Top in Burgundy

Top with Ruffled Sleeves

Cotton Cardigan


TOTAL: $102.94


I’ve never actually bought from Target but I have been eying a lot of super cool pieces from the Who What Wear collection. Most of them are a must since Who What Wear is always on the look out for the latest trends. And of course, all of their pieces are affordable.

Bubble Sleeve Shirt

Printed Mini Dress

Tie Skirt

Trisha Pointed Toe Silver Heel Mules


TOTAL: $122.96



So which one is your favorite? Comment below and help me decide which one to get this time! Also, don’t forget to subscribe! You’ll get awesome content just for you!





Hola babes!!!

Esta semana he estado súper ocupada en el trabajo por lo tanto ando muy agotada. Pero aún así pasaron cosas muy emocionantes esta semana. Ya quiero que sea el fin de semana para andar cómoda en la casa viendo películas todo el día con mi novio y mi gatita.

Siento que últimamente no le he prestado mucha atención al blog, así que esta semana decidí hacer algo diferente que espero que les guste. Siempre tengo carritos de varias tiendas en línea llenos de ropa, zapatos y accesorios, así que ahora que me estoy preparando para el otoño, pensé en compartirles lo que me quiero comprar. Claro que no me compro todo lo que tengo escogido en los carritos, sólo me gusta sentir como que sí lo estoy haciendo y al final escojo la tienda con el carrito que me guste más. Sí me podría comprar una pieza aquí y otra pieza allá, pero no me gusta hacerlo porque no quiero pagar el envio varias veces, así que por eso solo escojo uno y la mayoría de las tiendas tienen envio gratis si compras mas de cierta cantidad. Digo, a alguien le gusta pagar envios?

Otra cosa que tienen que saber de mi es que solamente compro en línea. Es raro si alguna vez compro algo en una tienda, siento que es mucho mas fácil encontrar y escoger la ropa mas bonita y a mejor precio. Soy afortunada que ya se cuando algo me va a quedar bien y si sí me va a quedar con tan solo verlo. Y aparte siempre compro en las mismas tiendas: H&M, Forever 21, Zara y ASOS.

Así es que esta semana les voy a enseñar lo que está en mis carritos en cada una de estas tiendas y compraría si tuviera el dinero del mundo. Al final quiero que comenten y me digan cual les gusta más y ese me compraré.

Forever 21

Yo creo que la mayoría de nosotros tenemos aunque sea una pieza de Forever 21. Amamos esta tienda aunque la ropa no sea de tan buena calidad, pero déjenme les digo que si existen piezas que son de mejor calidad pero las tienen que buscar y tener buen ojo. Si no quieres buscar y buscar, checa lo que yo elegí.

6 piezas por un total de $107.40

⬆️ Checa mi carrito en la parte de ingles arriba ⬆️


Otro favorito de la gente es Zara; estilos a la moda a precios accesibles. Quién dijo que no te podías ver chic sin gastarte toda tu quincena? Zara es como el rey de las tiendas accesibles; siempre tienen las ultimas tendencias antes que ningún otro y tienen una calidad un poco mejor que las otras tiendas.

4 piezas por un total de $99.96

⬆️ Checa mi carrito en la parte de ingles arriba ⬆️


Me encanta ASOS porque aparte de tener su propia marca de ropa, ofrecen otras marcas como Pull & Bear, Boohoo, Mango y Bershka, sólo por nombrar algunas. Aquí sí puedo combinar y no presionarme a comprar una sola marca. ASOS tiene ropa de muy buena calidad y también a precios muy accesibles, así que es una de mis primeras opciones de compra. También, tienen un outlet y es fácil encontrar prendas bonitas, a la moda y con mejor descuento.

6 piezas por un total de $114.50

⬆️ Checa mi carrito en la parte de ingles arriba ⬆️


Esta es la tienda en donde compro más. Mas que nada porque casi siempre tienen ofertas, y me tientan mucho!!! También, porque tienen piezas básicas que sé que me voy a poder poner una y otra vez.

6 piezas por un total de $102.94

⬆️ Checa mi carrito en la parte de ingles arriba ⬆️


Nunca he comprado en Target pero ahora que tienen la colección de Who What Wear he visto prendas muy cool. Casi toda la colección es un must porque Who What Wear siempre esta en busca de las últimas tendencias y las tienen a la venta rápido. Y claro, los precios son muy accesibles.

4 piezas por un total de $122.96

⬆️ Checa mi carrito en la parte de ingles arriba ⬆️


Cuál es tu tienda y carrito favorito? Comenta y ayúdame a escoger cuál compro ahora! Y no se olviden de subscribirse para recibir contenido solo para subscriptores!

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16 Discussion to this post

  1. This is such a long shopping list! I am in love with this off the shoulder top from forever 21 and with this V neck dress from H&M! I haven’t been shopping in H&M for a while, I feel like I should this weekend ^^

  2. Mel says:

    That striped dress and that bubble shirt! I think I am in utter love!! Wow!! This shopping list is stuff of wardrobe goals, you’ve now made me want to get that credit card out and spend spend spend!! 😀

  3. Marysol says:

    I have the TopShop long sleeve and I love it! So cute and useful!
    The bruibured ine from Zara so cool! Go for it!
    And I think you should go as well with the one off the shoulder forever 21 blouse 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  4. Andrea Larraga says:

    Oh my God, I love everything that Zara offers every season. I most have to go this weekend to shop some items from there. I can’t wait to see more 💕

  5. Cia Black says:

    I love the very first shirt on forever 21 and I would go for that shopping bag just for that shirt alone. My 2nd choice would be ASOS

  6. Amy Dong says:

    Forever 21 was always one of my favorite places. I love the red pieces you’ve highlighted here!

  7. Katie says:

    So many pretty colors and looks! I love vibrant hues and lacey details, or anything I can pair with scarves and boots. Thanks for sharing your fashion picks!

  8. Anna says:

    I love everything asos and zara. Great picks and love the hues and ruffles.oh soo in love with lace as well. Now all I got to do is buy them ☺

  9. Bea says:

    Hum it is difficult I kind of like them all! I think for this one though I will say ASOS, because also the fact you can choose from different shop in one 🙂

  10. Wow! These are excellent ideas for Fall styling. So much to chose and look great during this season.

  11. Via Bella says:

    Omg. This is wardrobe is off the chain! I would love to have this whole collection!

  12. You have some great picks! I would personally go with either Target or H&M. Those styles really seem timeless and versatile!

  13. I love the asymmetrical striped dress and the ribbed top. I’m excited about fall fashion too!

  14. I think you have listed out every possible good looking attire to wear this fall season. Just loved the whole collection!

  15. Elizabeth O says:

    Wow! You have some great picks of attire to wear in fall. Nice choice.

  16. Thena says:

    Beautiful, they have so many great looks, I love them all! great post!

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